is dedicated to the light graffiti work of Vicki DaSilva



Vicki DaSilva

Vicki began making time exposure photographs in the 1980s during her undergraduate studies at Kutztown University as a fine art major. Using a camera loaded with Kodachrome film, a tripod, a lightbulb, and a battery powered generator which she pulled around in a red wagon, Vicki experimented with time exposures through trial and error, eventually coining the photographs as light graffiti. In the late 80s and early 90s she started to use 4ft and eventually 8ft fluorescent lamps to make light paintings and has continued to use this medium along with hand held compact fluorescent bulbs through today.

Creating a relationship between time, movement, and light, Vicki’s work deals with the physicality of light, as well as the shaping of spaces and perception. The temporality and performative aspect of her work become apparent during the process of making the photographs and sometimes lead to chance encounters with the audience as random participant.


Veronica DaSilva

Veronica is the content writer and manager of as well as the Director of Vicki DaSilva Studio. Growing up surrounded by contemporary art, Veronica was naturally inclined towards a career in the arts. Classically trained in drawing and painting during high school led to a better understanding and love of Art History for Veronica, who after graduating with a BA from Tyler School of Art, moved to Toulouse, France to obtain a Research MA in Contemporary Art History from University of Toulouse Jean Jaures.

Fluent in French, Veronica has lived in Rome, Toulouse, Nice, Philadelphia, and is currently based in New York, where she also works at a Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea. Influenced by Vicki's work, Veronica's passion lies in the Light & Space art movement.