2018 | SL Gallery | Solo Show

Another year has passed and we've entered into 2018. With this new year, comes a solo show for Vicki at SL Gallery which presents works of art that merge contemporary art, lighting and technology. Founded by architectural lighting consultant Bill Schwinghammer, SL Gallery provides a space for artists using various mediums of light and technology to show and install their work. 

For this solo show at SL Gallery set to open on September 7, 2018, Vicki will present a new body of work which she is set to begin working on in early 2018. I'm excited for this new work and to see what direction she will take with it, as over the last 38 years, her work has evolved and changed in what may seem to be an obvious progression to viewers, but came almost naturally for her. The progression of her work changed as her life changed. For Vicki, the 80s began with an experimentation of light graffiti during undergrad in Kutztown, in her parents backyard, and then in her new home of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A two week trip to Paris in 1986 led her to meet her husband (my dad!) Antonio who began collaborating with her as the technical director in her work as he is a master electrician. This natural collab resulted in building pulley systems and hooking up 4ft and 8ft fluorescent lamps to them to create sheets of light in the late 80s and early 2000s. The pulley systems eventually turned into metal tracks in the early 2000s that could be bent to follow various landscapes all over the world. Naturally, Vicki then began to walk with the lamp, allowing for more control of the medium, just as she had when writing the light graffiti works in the 80s. 

The lamp has become a direct extension of herself, just as technology has become over the years up to present day. This natural progression of her work over the years is so great to see. What will 2018 bring?

  Mom&Dad , 1980

Mom&Dad, 1980

  You Said,  1984

You Said, 1984

 Duane Street, 1988

Duane Street, 1988

  Baseball Field 3 , 1988

Baseball Field 3, 1988

  Homage to Josef Albers 6 , 2003

Homage to Josef Albers 6, 2003

  Light Tartans Fountain Park 6 , 2008

Light Tartans Fountain Park 6, 2008

  Bring to Light 2 , 2011

Bring to Light 2, 2011

  Skipping Rocks , 2014

Skipping Rocks, 2014